Causa Sui


Pelican Boy


Since 2012, The Guru Guru have been happily dealing in Borderline Rock. Imagine: lead vocals wearing a multicoloured strait-jacket, haunted by feverish guitars and a tormented rhythm section.

While influences are drawn from the likes of METZ, Pere Ubu, Deerhoof, The Jesus Lizard and Melt-Banana,
the indie-math- psycho-noise rulebook is torn apart,
resulting in erratic songs that somehow seem to develop into wriggling earworms.

On the 1st of October 2015 they released a 7 inch with 2 songs that defines the band’s energetic and profound sound and gives a good taste of what to expect live.
(released by Consouling Agency)

On the 10th of October 2015 they also released a 10 inch split with Belgian fierce three piece Brutus
(released by Funtime records).

Live, The Guru Guru is a must see.
With energy gushing from the stage,
singer Tom balances on the verge of theatrical psychosis
– like a spastic peeling an onion with a razor blade, breaking into tears, foaming with rage and blaming the audience.

Just don’t piss your pants…