SardoniS (BE)

Follow the trail of the Behemoth and meet the brotherhood of SardoniS; a two man army playing loud and brutal instrumental heaviness.
Spreading its uncompromisable riffalicious plague since 2006, the band released 2 albums and 4 EP’s, toured Europe from the UK to Greece and pledged its riffs on the altar sharing stages alongside acts like Electric Wizard, Angel Witch, Voivod, COC, Black Cobra, Goatsnake, Hawkwind, Yob,… to name a few.  In 2012 SardoniS toured with Acid King and Saint Vitus through the UK followed by an intense Japan tour later that year alongside Japan doomrock titans Eternal Elysium.
Their 3rd full album, aptly titled “III” was released on September 11th, 2015 by Belgian label Consouling Sounds.  Expect 5 new hammers of instrumental thunder.
With its skullcrushing heavy riffs and pummeling grooves SardoniS guides you to the aftermath of battles where the abyss stares back at you.
For the Black Wind, Fire and Steel!