Theory of mind live 2014


Electric Moon (DE)

We zijn heel blij dat we Electric Moon op de wei mogen verwelkomen. Met hun lange uitgesponnen acidrock sluiten zij de vrijdag af.

“The german acid-rocker ELECTRIC MOON were founded in late 2009 by paintingartist Komet Lulu on bass, Sula Bassana on guitar and Pablo Carneval on drums. Since autumn 2013 with Marcus Schnitzler on drums.
Take a huge dosis of Psychedelia, blend it with some acid colors and get as high as you can
– this is the state of mind, Electric Moon create with their sound.
Especially their live appearances are a unique thing.
They want to celebrate the love of the music together with the audience
and the highest point of communication gets reached when there is happening
a symbiosis between audience and band.”

Bereid je voor op een trip naar de maan.